Let’s Work Together

You are a passionate advocate for making the world a better place.

As an individual you donate and volunteer, as a business owner you’ve established a triple bottom line, as a nonprofit professional you’re working diligently to eradicate some of the most entrenched social injustices. Yet, you feel stuck within a status quo that seems to support keeping the systems in place, and you can acknowledge that sometimes if feels like all you’re doing is contributing to the ongoing inequity you’re fighting. Maybe you’ve asked yourself: Am I actually doing anything to make things better?  

I am a trusted philanthropic strategist and collaborator who creates innovative pathways to change using the feminist principles of solidarity, agency and reciprocity. My philanthropic expertise can be used to support individuals, businesses, foundations and nonprofits to achieve greater success and satisfaction with their giving. This might be demonstrated in increased employee retention, repeat customer business, more authentic relationships with grantees, or the certainty of being a better community citizen. Together we will discover how you can align your privilege with your purpose in order to create a more equitable and joyful world.

Ready to change the world? Let me help.

INDIVIDUALS I’ll walk you through the creation of a personalized giving plan that will use all of the resources you have available, from time and money to networks and influence, to make a tangible impact on what you care about most. We will uncover your passions, establish a unique mission/vision/values statement, and evaluate your philanthropic goals. This work might also include a community needs assessment and an audit of your past giving. Additionally, we could draft a donor engagement agreement to set expectations for your next board or volunteer experience. Also check out my workshops and online seminars (coming soon).

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” —Jane Goodall

BUSINESSES We have entered a purpose economy and businesses that understand this will thrive. I start by conducting a listening tour, interviewing your leadership team and core staff members, about what makes your business unique and why your employees are passionate about coming to work. Based on your specific goals, together we’ll design various customer/client engagement strategies to build brand awareness that will connect your business work with your philanthropic work. In addition, we can align your giving and community engagement with existing CSR programs, or design a triple bottom line that will be integral to your success. Philanthropy is a powerful, strategic lever for creating value, retaining employees, and gaining customers and clients. When done authentically, you can change the world through your work.

“People are not just buying your product or service anymore. They’re buying your culture or what you stand for.” —Aaron Walton

FOUNDATIONS You sit at the intersection of great power and influence, knowing both those with vast financial resources and those on the ground doing the work. Your work in discovery and experimentation supports democracy by giving agency to those on the margins. This is an area ripe for greater transparency, advocacy and solidarity. I will work with you to facilitate the creation of innovative grantmaking programs and the design and launch of new initiatives that authentically involve community stakeholders. I can also support the design of engagement opportunities for your family funds, including on-the-ground experiential learning opportunities and customized workshops for multigenerational families to create legacy giving programs.

“What can we do to leverage our privilege to disrupt the drivers of inequality?”      —Darren Walker

NONPROFITS The world of donor engagement is changing and your sustainability depends on your ability to create authentic opportunities for individuals to interact with your mission. Together we will develop a unique and creative engagement platform and process that provides transformational learning experiences for your community of philanthropists (paying particular attention to what next gen donors are looking for). Our work together might also involve developing strategies for intentional onboarding of new board members and staff in order to maintain mission while providing flexible opportunities for new ideas. Just as I do with individual philanthropists, I can support your organization in creating donor and volunteer engagement agreements to set expectations upfront.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”                                      —R. Buckminster Fuller

Using systems theory, design thinking and social justice, I advise individuals, businesses, foundations and nonprofits in creating strategic and intentional frameworks for giving. Contact me.