Giving Compass launches giving planner (and it’s awesome)

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For years I’ve puzzled over the lack of technological options for planning our giving. The opportunity to connect with others who are also making strategic and thoughtful gifts of time and money seems like a no-brainer in our social media connected world. It’s also an integral first step in creating systems change, as informed individuals create intrinsic shifts in behavior.

As we head into the holiday season, I’m thankful to Giving Compass for launching a tool that will allow me to plan and track our family giving into 2019. The Giving Compass giving planner allows you to create your annual philanthropic plan, and manage and analyze your contributions (cash, in kind and volunteering). In addition, they provide input about what others in your demographic are funding and at what levels, which builds philanthropic community and personal accountability.  All of these elements encourage more informed and greater giving.

And if you’re like me, having all of this in one place that can be shared with family members is the greatest gift of all.

Giving Compass is a Seattle based nonprofit organization, compiling high-quality, curated content on philanthropy and the social sector, in order to help individuals give better.

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