Meditating on death and legacy

Intentional philanthropy is rooted in contemplating your death in order to determine your legacy. In this NY times article about meditating on your demise, it appears to also be helpful in making you happier and funnier (funnier!) There is a close connection between our transitory nature and joy, two sides of the same coin. Bringing these into alignment provides an entry into thoughtful giving and receiving.
“…meditation on death is intended as a key to better living. It makes disciples aware of the transitory nature of their own physical lives and stimulates a realignment between momentary desires and existential goals. In other words, it makes one ask, “Am I making the right use of my scarce and precious life?”
As the article suggests, this is a great start to a 2016 resolution. Are you making the right use of your scarce and precious life? If you’re not so sure, time to reflect on your death.

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