The Dance vs. The Game in Giving and Receiving

I had the great pleasure of joining Erik Hanberg as he launches his latest venture, For Small Nonprofits, a podcast that will cover topics from fundraising and marketing to board structure and leadership.
Erik is a friend and colleague from many years ago, and serves as my great inspiration for writing and creating. Erik is the author of three books on nonprofits, numerous works of fiction, and is the former director of two nonprofits and has served on a dozen boards of small nonprofits. He has great experience with and insight into strengthening the nonprofit world, and it’s always fun to catch up with him.
Listen in to our conversation about the importance of creating a philanthropic mission statement, regardless of your financial abilities, in order to develop long lasting relationships with nonprofits and social entrepreneurs that align with your legacy.


To listen to the full For Small Nonprofits podcast, which includes conversations with lawyer Brooke Johnson on legal issues and Laurie Cinotto, the proprietor of The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, click here.

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