Would you consider a financial investment in a local business part of your philanthropy? Do you think of yourself as a philanthropist when you support a local artist by buying a piece of their art? When you want your money to help create and sustain your community, what’s the difference between a donation and an investment?

Rather than drawing arbitrary lines between the money we spend to ‘do good’ and the money we spend to ‘make a life’, should we consider where our spending/donating/investing can intersect? We don’t all have the capacity to make large charitable donations, but we do spend money. And where this money is spent, how it flows into and out of lives, is a key element in being an informed philanthropist, who cares about humanity and uses their resources intentionally. 

Because this conversation is integral to our role as philanthropists, I’m thrilled to share that Rachel Maxwell and Hilary Wilson of Community Sourced Capital will be joining the philanthro∙be retreat on Saturday afternoon to help facilitate a discussion about money. As the co-founder and CEO of Community Sourced Capital (CSC), Rachel helps small businesses and local economies thrive. She and her team at CSC have designed a simple way for community members to lend money to local businesses, and in doing so, developed a unique way for individuals to impact what they value in their communities. Hilary’s consulting business specializes in donor cultivation and stewardship, with specific emphasis on events. She also has expertise in social purpose / impact investing, sustainable structures for integrated development, marketing and operations. Both of these women have vast experience with impact investing, community engagement and being generous. This article in Forbes illustrates the idea of ‘crowdfunding meets social entrepreneurship’ model of CSC.
And if you’re still on the fence about joining us next weekend, there is still 1 spot left and we’d love it if you were there – yes, you!)

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