Weekly Round Up!

[Round Up will be my weekly offering of ideas and images and people I found interesting over the past 7 or so days. Related to philanthropy or women’s issues, possibly poetry or wormholes, my hope is that these tidbits might give you an opportunity to think differently, spark conversation or create something.]

  • “It used to be that young people with humanitarian aspirations went into law or medical school or applied to Teach for America or the Peace Corps. But today, increasing numbers of the most innovative change makers have decided to try to design their way to a more beautiful, just world.” This is exactly the type of study I was persuing at Antioch. It’s incredibly cool to see all of this theory and passion for right design go mainstream.
  • Watch John Maeda at TED discuss how art, technology and design inform creative leaders. “Leaders … connect improbable connections and hope something will happen.” I wanted to attend TEDxRainier several years ago but didn’t get a ticket. This year though, I’m in. I’m looking forward to attending on November 10th. This year’s theme is transformations and will include speakers “who explore, catalyze, and share transformations great and small, in and through, art, science, stories, communities, innovative technology, culture, health, the environment, and life”. There’s still time to get your ticket.
  • It’s International Day of the Girl, so it’s fitting to take a minute to acknowledge Microsoft for recognizing the benefit of supporting women in their reentry to the job force. This program is taking place in India but would be easily replicable if it’s successful.
  • Also important for women and girls? This election. Educate yourself before making a choice. Perhaps a bit slanted because it’s hosted on Obama’s site, there’s a fair shakedown of the different stances held by the two candidates on women’s issues. Another, more balanced piece on PBS, The Choice 2012, offers an indepth view of the candidates and how extremely different they are in character (and frankly had me depressed for all of us).
  • So when you’re done with that and feeling disillusioned, soak it up with a little laughter. This lip reading restored my hope for humanity. It’s brilliant.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlwilbVYvUg&w=560&h=315]

  • And if you still need a little more laughter to lighten ya up, here’s a take on the personal politics of marriage. If you haven’t yet experienced the writing of Alice Bradley, you should introduce yourself. It’s a rare post of hers that doesn’t make me laugh out loud. Love her for sharing stories like this.
  • Very proud of ArtsEd Washington Executive Director Una McAlinden, who was featured in ParentMap magazine discussing how music, as well as dance, theater, and visual art, are essential to fostering creative thinking skills.
  • Lastly, for a business operating with intention and mission, take a look at Holstee. Their manifesto is inspiring whether you’re starting a business or trying to get out of bed in the morning.

We’re off to a high school reunion in California, where I get to play the spouse in the corner near the open bar. Looking forward to any kind of night out with my husband.
Happy weekend everyone!

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