Enough is Enough

What does it mean to have enough? Specifically, what does ‘enough’ look like in my life?
For years I’ve played with the ideas of scarcity and abundance, both out in the greater world and in my one singular, simple existence. Where do I give because I have too much and where do I retreat in order to protect my own livelihood. But recently I came across the notion that abundant may not be the right concept. Abundance looks like a windfall or the land of plenty. Abundant feels like ‘more’, and whenever we reach ‘more’ we find there could still be ‘more’. What we need to settle into is the feeling of satiety. The feeling that we are enough inside, in order to be content with enough outside, is the true mark of a philanthropist.
This has provided a pivotal shift in my thinking about simplicity and giving back to my community. And I’m not ashamed to admit that the place it’s taken me is rich with contradiction. I know how to talk the talk, but I’m still built within the context of my environment and my place in time. I come from a long line of explorers and entrepreneurs; people who strove to make it to the edge and carve out an existence in new territory. Many of us have this history embedded in our DNA. We are born of the frontier. I find I’m always striving for more, for bigger and better, for busier and faster.
And yet, I’m slowly coming around to wanting to live smaller and be smaller. I have visions of the new great horizon and she ain’t so pretty. I’d rather make a conscious decision to live within my means while providing for others around me, than have this decision forced upon me by external, environmental forces. It may already be too late for my efforts to make an impact worldwide, but perhaps they’d make an impact within my direct circle of influence. And maybe that’s enough. Maybe that’s all it would take. So, I choose to trudge along, course correcting as best I can and voraciously studying up on how I can walk the walk.
Today I offer the prompt to consider what constitutes enough in your own life. Look around the room you’re in. Feel the breath rising and falling in your chest. Look out the window and listen for the street sounds or bird sounds. Pay attention to the little voice that says: I have enough. I am enough.

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