And speaking of technology …

No posting last week because we took a family vacation: one week away on an island, with coconuts and fresh fish and sandy beaches. And, we left our laptop and our blackberries at home with the intent of actually connecting with each other and the new place we were experiencing. We spent the days playing in the water with our son and the evenings reading and drinking wine and discussing what we wanted to do with the rest of our life.

And now we’re back, slightly tan, not at all rested (vacation is a word thrown around much too casually when you’re traveling with a one and a half year old), and with a whole lot of new reality to deal with … more on that later. Leaving behind our tech devices and removing ourselves from the world of information for a week was cathartic. Mostly, it gave me the nudge I needed to step back from facebook, take a little breather, analyze why and when I feel like posting a status update or checking other updates. When I reflected on what I was posting I was a little embarrassed. I was assuming that my mundane or witty comments were interesting to other people, it gave me an audience to show off in front of, to illustrate how happy and successful and beautiful my family is … why, it’s a device to feed the ego! This, when I’m actively trying in other areas of my life to quiet the ego. So although this realization did not result in a deleted account (because, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I don’t believe the technology itself is the problem, the problem lies in how I choose to use it), I have removed the facebook icon from my blackberry and am making a conscious effort to not update my status. I mean, my status? What does that even mean?

I’ve got some interesting topics to explore in the next few weeks and I’m looking forward to bringing new energy to my writing here. The tech-less vacation trip has brought more than one inspiration to light.

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