Onward to 2011

Loving this jewelry (Esther Williams would approve). The article is inspiring me to start early on gifts for the year, find ways to repurpose and regift.

The holiday went ok. We stayed under budget and I feel good about the purchases we made. I also witnessed first hand how overwhelming gifts are to a little kid. We opened several gifts at once and, in a lesson for the parents, he stayed focused on some stacking rings for half an hour. I witnessed how stressful all of this is for many of my family members and I’m just going to take the lead next year. I’m resolved to how I want to celebrate the holidays, and being a parent seems to have given me the permission to do it the way I want, no apologies.

So here’s to ingenuity, creativity and repurposing. To breathing in and seeing fresh. Cheers to a clean slate with which to dabble out a life.

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