It's ArtsEd Washington!

As mentioned in a previous post I’m joining a board of directors, and I’m happy to announce it’s ArtsEd Washington! I had a meeting this week with the executive director and board president and will be officially voted in next Wednesday. I’m excited to sink my teeth into this topic and learn more about what we need to do to provide comprehensive, sequential and sustainable arts education for all kids in Washington state. I’m most intrigued by the thought that the conversation we’re really having is about how and why we’re educating our kids, and I gotta say I am jazzed to be joining that conversation. I anticipate there will be lots of thought about this on the blog in the coming months as I work through some ideas about how we can provide leveraged funding for arts nonprofits, go beyond bussing kids to one-off productions as their ‘art experience’, and work within the current curriculum to promote creativity.

Beyond that however, I think I’ll also be exploring education itself. One of my favorite thinkers, Peter Senge, has said that ‘secondary education is a more purely industrial age institution than any business’, and yet we cannot shake it. It no longer successfully serves its purpose and we’re attempting to cobble together piecemeal solutions to get different outcomes. Kids are struggling, dropping out or worse, making it through the system only to come out the other end without much intellect. I had the opportunity to see Senge speak a couple of years ago and his talk centered around how we must change our educational system. It inspired me to think deeply about what an education is, how it’s different today than it was when I was a kid, and what we want our kids to learn in order to be leaders and thoughtful citizens in the future. Our environment and our culture depends on it.

Anyhow … passionate, yes. Excited by this opportunity at ArtsEd, yes.

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