See? It's that easy …

I came across the website of a friend’s business in Seattle and the tagline resonated with me: connects brands to tribes
by telling stories that matter

I recognize this language, so similar to community foundation taglines across the country: connecting people who care with causes that matter. People and stories and connecting … it’s as simple as loving life and sharing that passion by injecting it into whatever work you do. And the words that matter are very significant because they get to an authenticity which is core to the everyday philanthropist.

What matters to you? It’s probably a lifelong pursuit, to discover this thing that matters to you. And certainly what matters changes as we transition from student to professor or vice president to mother. But at our core each of us holds an answer to that question. Sometimes the voice is soft, hopefully it is also persistent. How do we dig deeper into our stories of what matters and make every simple gesture a word in that novel? How do we breath more passion for life into what we’re doing?

It can feel so immense, trying to be a good person every day, trying to do good things in the world. Yet in a nugget, people and stories and connecting …

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