Creativity and Education

I’ve been asked to join the board of directors of a nonprofit I’ve worked with in the past (details to follow). It’s an opportunity for me to network and use my brain for something I’m passionate about; because, if I’ve learned nothing else this past year it’s that, although I am passionate about my baby, I am not passionate about diapers, yams and picking cheerios up off the floor like it’s groundhog day. I have always been drawn to the idea of working with the educational system, but in a systemic, recreate it kind of way. And I’m a strong believer, based on my first hand experiences in theatre, music and film, that creativity is a key component in educating intelligent, gusty and compassionate young people. Needless to say I’m excited that I’m being given an opportunity to explore these topics with other adults who care deeply about these issues as well.

So after attending a board meeting as a guest this week I stumbled across this talk given by Sir Ken Robinson at TED. A lot of the points he makes were familiar to me, and are things I inherently agree with, but there was a simplicity to his argument that got me fired up again.

Plus, I can’t resist wry.

[ted id=66]

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