Right now mama

I’m in a transition and I don’t feel connected to my environment. I am distant and complacent. I’ve been thinking that if I could extract the essence of what brings me happiness, I’d have trail markers to get me back onto the path again; an exercise to provide direction for the next chapter in life. I was trying to narrow the list to 5 moments but we’ll see where there’s overlap:

•Walking and writing around Queen Anne, particularly the fountain near Intiman
•Riding the subway in NY by myself on my 30th birthday
•Working in my apartment office in West Seattle
•Hiking in Patagonia
•Cross country road trip with my girlfriends
•The evening of my 35th Birthday Dinner
•Beachcombing on Lopez Island
•Dance Off Pants Off New Years Eve
•Doe Bay solo retreat

So over the next few days (or at the current writing rate, the next few weeks) I will dissect these occasions. My hope is that by unearthing the core elements that bring me closer to that fire, both creative and warming, I’ll be able to recalibrate. Or at least find a modicum of balance during this time when the baby needs me ALL THE TIME, RIGHT NOW MAMA RIGHT NOW.

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