I’ve just decided I need to jump in and write every coupla days. Not so much editing, it’s not like this is going into a major publication. Otherwise I won’t get more than one post up a month and that is not satisfying my experiment of writing about philanthropy as it occurs to me on a daily basis. Part of the problem is that I need to be more conscious about it during the day, while changing diapers and going for walks and fixing dinner. It’s a little like poetry, finding beauty in the shadows and intricacy in the stillness.

And it’s about clearing space. It always comes back to clearing space. I tend to clutter up my brain with inconsequential details in an attempt to avoid being present. This year at home with Liam was supposed to be an opportunity to unclutter, to see my breath and feel the weight of life ticking through me. It’s been 8 months … but what I also need to remind myself is that there are seasons of creativity. I am sowing right now, I am tending to the daily drudgery of doing in order that something will blossom. Yet to get the blossom you have to remain diligent in practice. So this is me stepping into the random abyss that is my mind, a jumbled jambled bramble of thought. Unedited.

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